Picture Window and Shapes



Model: 4600/4650
Category: Category: Category: Category: Category: Category: 4000 series

Florida Product Approvals

4600 Non-Impact: 15099.9-15099.10,
4650 Impact: 15099.11, 15099.12

Color Options:

• White or Tan (extruded)
• Bronze exterior with white interior using Renolit ® laminate


• uPVC picture window sash as a direct glazed, fixed lite
• Created specifically for multi-family projects in the coastal south
• Non-Impact (4600) and Impact (4650) to HVHZ standards
• Can include geometric shape windows
• Double glazed insulated glass (IG) unit
• Used for both new construction and retro-fit remodels
• Main uses include apartments, condos, assisted living facilities, student housing, government housing in coastal areas
• Energy efficient, Florida energy code compliant

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